10-week-old baby says ‘I love you’ and leaves parents and the whole world speechless…


Kesia Cameron, the mother of this 10-week-old baby, is amazed that her son has repeated the phrase “I love you” in an unbelievable way.

This moment has been seen by millions of people all over the world and thousands of comments have hailed him as a genius.

Kesia Cameron, from New York, is seen holding her son, Roan, in her lap as she says “I love you”. The little one repeats the sentence almost perfectly.

Little Roan rehearses almost every sound of his mother’s magic phrase, which, as soon as he hears its repetition, shakes his hand, accompanying “Oh God…” this genius action.

The adorable video was posted by Roan’s grandmother, Lara Skadsen, on TikTok, and went viral immediately, recording more than 1.2 million views.

Video title “Grandson is a genius! Look! ” was seen by millions of others on the jet jet, who spared no comments.

“Time to start a job and pay some bills!” “OMG! He literally repeats what you say. “Keep talking to him as an adult, he will be a genius”, “2020 babies come with the quality of the usual hme” write some of the commentators who have seen the video, which has left the whole world speechless.

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