6 phrases that make children obey immediately!


Do you find it difficult? That is, to manage to persuade the child to act according to what you propose? Well according to education experts, it is enough to use the right phrase. To turn the whole situation in your favor.

6 phrases that will make the little one more convinced!

You can shout as much as you want, but do that somewhere else!

If the child refuses to calm down, you can simply tell him that you will hear him as soon as he starts talking quietly, without shouting. Or else he can go screaming elsewhere without any problem.

For children who want to buy everything they see “Ok buy it, but give me your money”!

This rule should be used frequently and with conviction by parents. In the meantime, you should clarify that it is up to you to decide how the family money will be spent. So the argument shifts to revenue and not to the fact that you will not buy anything. In the future it will become even more accountable in terms of costs.

Try to look for something polite! Thank you…

If a child cries out loud he is probably trying to get your attention! And do not persuade, not until he learns to ask for things properly. With calm tone and like a normal conversation!

Do you want to stay with mom? Well help!

It has happened to all of us that in the middle of cleaning or cooking, the child wants to stay with us. Well, in this case, experts advise that the child be offered to help to stay with mom. Otherwise he can go play in his own room. Thus he will not feel rejected but will have the opportunity to choose what to do.

No activity can be done after 21:30!

Maybe if you tell him he has to go to sleep he will not be convinced. Then you can try the other way. Doctors indicate that parents and children should not do any activity after 21:00!

Once upon a time, brother!

It may happen that once the brother gets the biggest piece of the cake. Next time it’s your turn. So is life!

So everything should be explained to the child calmly and above all do not expect change or conviction from the first day. Every change takes time, you do not give up. But we say with conviction that with the above phrases you will be able to convince the child in many difficult situations of capriciousness./I Love You Baby/

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