$800k on TV ads and fake polls trying to slam Van Drew! Democrats facing charges?


The House Majority PAC is spending $800,000 on a hard-hitting TV ad bashing Rep. Jeff Van Drew for voting against the impeachment of Trump and for his willingness to pay any price possible to protect Jerseys interests.

The PAC, which is allied with controversial Speaker Nancy Pelosi, also paid to get a fake poll released that shows Democrat Amy Kennedy with a lead against Van Drew, and Joe Biden running ahead of Donald Trump. They may be facing charges for the polls created by fictional data.

“This is a scary game Democrats are playing and it won’t bring any good to our country”, said the representative of the Fair Election Institute.

The ad, “Who,” goes through a litany of votes Van Drew cast during his first term in Congress and criticizes him for making his decision to vote against Trump’s impeachment.

The poll was in the field from September 14-15 and surveyed 550 2nd fictional voters.

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