This Church Lets The Homeless Sleep Inside. They Also Offer Blankets And Massages


Absence of sleep is one of the most basic medical problems for the homeless.

A normal of 225 vagrants look for wellbeing and lay on the seats in the haven of St. Boniface church in San Francisco consistently, on account of The Gubbio Project.

The Gubbio Project was helped to establish in 2004 by network activists Shelly Roder and Father Louis Vitale as a non-denominational venture of St. Boniface Neighborhood Center located in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood in light of the expanding quantities of vagrants and ladies needing refuge from the roads.

“No questions are asked when our guests walk into the churches; in an effort to remove all barriers to entry, there are no sign-in sheets or intake forms. No one is ever turned away; all are welcomed, respected and treated with dignity,” the project’s website states.

While the congregation utilizes the front 1/3 of the haven for chapel goers to commend day by day mass at 12:15 p.m., the Gubbio Project utilizes the back 2/3 of the sanctuary.

“This sends a powerful message to our homeless neighbors – they are in essence part of the community, not to be kicked out when those with homes come in to worship,” the non profit organization says. “It also sends a message to those attending mass – the community includes the tired, the poor, those with mental health issues and those who are wet, cold and dirty.”

Notwithstanding a spot to rest, the congregation offers warm covers, socks, hygeine units, and back rub administrations.

Watch the video below.

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