Kelly Clarkson Honors Late Kenny Rogers In Newest ‘Kellyoke’ Video


The coronavirus has numerous individuals isolated. Indeed, even big names must hold fast to the CDC rules about social distancing. Be that as it may, they figure out how to share their specialty and spread some satisfaction for everybody, even while under lockdown. Kelly Clarkson’s flash of delight comes at an especially impactful time as we despite everything grieve the loss of nation legend Kenny Rogers. Her most recent Kellyoke video regarded the melodic driving force with a front of “Sweet Music Man.”

Kenny Rogers graced the world with “Sweet Music Man” in 1977. It has some additional importance since Rogers himself composed that song, on recording it. “Sweet Music Man” was the last single from his 1977 collection, Daytime Friends. As of late, it was Clarkson’s method for arriving at the outside world and regarding a symbol.

Kellyoke helps Kelly Clarkson keep things rolling

Normally, The Kelly Clarkson Show would air, but the coronavirus has prompted the singer to post Kellyoke sessions from her home instead / YouTube

“I don’t have anywhere to go in this cabin except for the bathroom so you’re here with me again,” Kelly Clarkson prefaced her latest video with. And so continues a quarantine-induced trend the singer affectionately calls Kellyoke, a mix of her name and the word karaoke. These videos really represent how Americans are doing what they have to in order to get through this pandemic.

Today reports that the coronavirus caused her daytime television show, Kelly Clarkson Show, to go on break. Be that as it may, the show must go on and Clarkson is proceeding to give fans new substance. This time, it appears as Kellyoke. Prior to her most recent tribute, Clarkson had another portion of Kellyoke six days back. Fans hailed her version then as “delightful.” They likewise set aside some effort to welcome the real to life nature of the recordings; Clarkson doesn’t get dressed and made up and rather introduces herself to the camera in a sincere manner. In any case, her tribute to Kenny Rogers gave an additional layer of open feelings in a delightful manner.

“Sweet Music Man” offers a powerful tribute to Kenny Rogers

Clarkson explained with her latest Kellyoke session, “I was planning on doing (a different song), and then Kenny Rogers passed and I thought I would honor him. What a beautiful man. Beautiful songwriter. Beautiful singer. Actor. He did all of the things.” Initially, she intended on doing uplifting songs after producing an aching rendition of Mariah Carey’s “Vanishing.” But even after deviating from her anticipated song type, Clarkson shared her hopes throughout this pandemic. She hopes this will inspire people to come together and be united, after all, “We’re all in this together.”



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