Ellen Invites A Pit Bull On TV And He Ends Up Stealing The Show And Winning Everyone Over


For a long time, Tia Torres has strived to spare Pit Bulls and break the generalizations that encompass the breed. As the author of Villalobos Rescue Center and star of TV’s Pit Bull and Parolees, she’s done a ton to feature the pitiless treatment these pooches suffer on account of individuals, and the passionate excursions they experience in the wake of being safeguarded. In any case, this shouldn’t imply that that her rescues aren’t without their cheerful minutes.

Right now,  Tia visits Ellen Degeneres with a Pit Bull named Snorkie. And keeping in mind that Ellen and Tia have a genuine conversation about Tia’s TV appear, it’s Snorkie that captures everyone’s attention. The 9-year-old Pit Bull is so lovable and can’t get enough of the treats Ellen is holding!

Offer this adorable clasp with your loved ones!

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