80-Year-Old Veteran Makes Wooden Toys For Children In Need Every Christmas


Jim Annis in Sanford, North Carolina has been making toys for kids for as far back as 50 years. The 80-year-old veteran loves making wooden toys. Jim cuts, shapes and sands his manifestations until they are finished and prepared to provide for youngsters. Do you recollect nostalgic wooden toys?

For the most part, he gives around 300 wooden toys each year to his nearby Salvation Army. He stated, “When the Salvation Army gives out the nourishment and garments to individuals here, I give out my toys. It feels like you’re kind of disregarded at Christmas time.”

A veteran makes wooden toys for kids for Christmas every year

Jim Annis / Facebook

He pays for the entirety of the materials himself, yet he gets some wooden pieces from his neighbors. He jumps at the chance to make various sizes of autos, dolls, secret stashes, fire engines, and tractors. “Between the haggles, I spent about $1,000,” he said.

Jim and wooden toys / Facebook

Jim conceded that he wants to give toys on the grounds that he didn’t get that many growing up. “My father worked yet didn’t rake in tons of cash. It’s difficult to have a major Christmas with five children. I love it when individuals ask me what amount do I get paid for making these toys. I disclose to them my compensation is the point at which I see the grin on children’s countenances. I want to have the option to do this until my toes twist up.”

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