Andrea Bocelli Sings With Handsome Son For 1st Time And Internet’s In Love

The world knows Andrea Bocelli for his staggering opera voice and hearbreaking background – however many don’t know about his dedication as a dad to his three superb kids. For over 20 years, he’s been an immense source of help for his children and made sure they didn’t hurt for anything.

So when his middle child, Matteo, wanted to follow his dad’s profession and get into music, Andrea was excited. He was unable to have been increasingly eager to give Matteo the general tour and introduce him with all the significant business agents.

Sufficiently sure, Matteo was a crushing achievement and fan bunches began to shape everywhere throughout the globe. Obviously everybody needed to hear more from the Bocelli family. That is the reason Andrea and Matteo as of late collaborated for a two part harmony to “Fall On Me.” The outcome is totally wonderful…

With grainy high contrast family photographs playing out of sight and the Bocelli men still at their pianos, they started to sing “Fall On Me” and cautiously stroke the piano keys. They traded notes simply as you and I would trade a handshake.

The Bocelli men’s blasting yet-controlled voices occupied the room, resonating off the metallic distribution center dividers. Long stretches of preparing with Dad arranged Matteo for such an accomplishment – and the training appeared.

Not exclusively were their voices mind boggling mixed together, yet their basic setting was an ideal decision. With the sufficiently bright, scantily beautified set, the men demonstrated they didn’t require an extravagant setting or cinematography stunts. All they required was a lot of pianos and one another!

Matteo grinned over his dad as they played as one strongly. Each note, in the case of roaring from the ivory keys or pouring from their lips, was impeccable. There’s a motivation behind why Celine Dion used to present Andrea by saying, “If God could sing, He would sound a ton like Andrea Bocelli.”

Also, it’s reasonable the apple didn’t fall a long way from the tree when it came to Matteo!

We thank you, Andrea and Matteo, for sharing a little look into your lovely relationship. Ideally, these capable men discharge increasingly community oriented bits of music later on – we realize it’ll be similarly as exceptional!

Listen to Matteo and Andrea’s incredible duet for yourself in the video below. He’s just as talented as his father!

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