Elderly man can’t pay for groceries, then cashier sees his hat and steps in to change everything

Have you at any point been in the supermarket and filled your basket with your goods at that point acknowledged you overlooked your wallet, that massively embarrassing “oh god” minute! Possibly later, getting told before quite a lot of people that your card has been declined!

One person as of late needed to experience precisely this situation, yet he truly didn’t expect what befell him after that…

Remaining in the Dollar General line was Tim McKellar, he saw a genuine sight, a scarcely acceptable minute that he would remember until the end of time!

Tim was holding back to pay for his food supplies and the clerk filtered things from the old Gentleman before him, he was pleased and wearing a veteran top.

At the point when the person gave his card for payment, he was unable to remember his pin, his card was declined, poor chap.

Tim posted to Facebook:

“He tried a couple different times when another lady offered to help him again with no luck.”

At that moment the cashier stepped in and changed the tone of the day completely for this veteran…

Flickr/Steve Snodgrass

Working at the Dollar store, Jacob Wittman, at the sales register that day concluded that he was unable to watch the person swipe and it not work once more, so he pulled out his wallet … his own wallet!

Tim said:

“That’s when the cashier Jacob Wittman pulled his wallet out and told the lady (who had been helping) to scan his card.”

The veteran, was a little bit confused what was going on, he asked the cashier, have you just bought my groceries?

Jacob said:

“Yes, sir I did. And, you don’t owe me a dime.”

Tim felt so touched by what just happened, that human connection he just witnessed, he felt the need to record it and share it online, the world needed to see it too!

He said finally:

“Now this kid obviously makes minimum wage or real close to it and probably didn’t have the extra money to spare. I thanked him for what he had done, asked for his name and took his picture.”

“Let’s give this Good Samaritan the acknowledgment that he deserves.”

Flickr/Steve Snodgrass

The post got about 3,000 positive reactions and has been shared over 1,400 times, that is certainly the acceptance and congratulations that were deserved!

Some comments Facebook said:

“Such an awesome act of kindness. Sending you a big hug and many blessings from miles and miles away.”

“Jacob, you are a good-hearted young man. Thank you for helping the elderly and veterans. God bless you!”

“God bless you, young man. So many people could learn from you, what it is to show kindness. You are an inspiration to us all. Thank you.”

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