Dad drops off baby medication to ex – heart breaks when he walks into apartment

Sometimes, unfortunately, it gets vital for couples to separate their ways. I think this should be the best choice after all other ways of solving disagreements.

This was the situation for Brandon Carpenter and his ex. Regardless of sharing a child together, the two concluded it is ideal to head out in their own direction.

In any case, as Brandon later uncovered, separation doesn’t mean you are going separate ways with an adversary — and this turns out to be particularly applicable when you are guardians of your child.

Brandon Carpenter has a wonderful young little girl. And keeping in mind that he and the kid’s mom have gone separate ways, it absolutely has had no effect on his adoration for his little girl — and regard for her mom. He demonstrated this such that presently has individuals wherever cheering.

His ex inquired as to whether he could drop some medication off for their little girl. Yet, when Brandon showed up at her condo, he found something that left him concerned and disheartened: her fridge was basically empty, containing just some water.

This set him enthusiastically, which he would later relate in a Facebook post that has since turned into a web sensation.

Brandon noticed that his ex’s pantry was nonetheless, fortunately brimming with child nourishment for his little girl, loaded with recipe, infant tidbits, and that’s just the beginning.

As Brandon shut the fridge door, he just knew what he needed to do.

Posted by Brandon James on Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The Right Thing

Brandon went straight to the supermarket and purchased a long list of groceries for his ex.

“She works a full time job and then has my daughter,” Brandon later explained on Facebook. “She pays rent and all her bills plus she is paying off a car. So today I went shopping to make sure she had food for the next few weeks. Just because we aren’t together doesn’t mean I can’t provide for her if she needs it.”

Justified Reaction

Brandon explained that he did this out of respect for his daughter’s mom and understands that a happy mother makes a happy child.

“If my child’s mother is good then I know she is taking care of our daughter the best she can and that makes me happy. Some of y’all think I’m only going to provide for my child, but that’s thinking like a child. It’s time to grow up and take responsibility in all aspects of life!” Brandon concludes in his Facebook post.

Differences come up in each relationship, yet it’s imperative to attempt to stay common, particularly when there’s a youngster included. Brandon’s fine direct is truly something that each parent can gaze upward to.

Now there’s a father who certainly understands a thing or two about life after separation! Share if you think Brandon did the right thing, too.

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