These 4 foods that come from China, remove them your homes and do not consume them at all!

Foods from China have in some cases been and are a problem. Every supplier wants to become wealthy fast and do not follow any rules.

The US has made enough efforts to inform the public that food from China can be dangerous.

FDA inspectors say you have to be careful.

The 4 main products imported from China that you need to know and beware of:

1. Lobster Fish

They are reared on fish farms. The fish is raised with high doses of drugs that keep them alive in these environments.

2. Apple juice

China is the largest pesticide producer in the world. The Chinese spray their fruits with banned pesticides, so don’t consume fruit juices because there is no percentage of fruit juices in them so don’t drink them anymore.

3. Processed mushrooms

34% of processed mushrooms come from China. And for mushrooms, the same thing happens with pesticides used to grow them.

4. Garlic

31% of garlic sold in Europe comes from China. Many labels are spelled “organic”, but none are verified. Garlic has been used in many processed foods.

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