Autistic boy says his first words only 2 days after beginning treatment with cannabis

The Story of Kalel Santiago

Kalel Santiago, 9, who has autism, spoke his first words shortly after starting hemp-oil treatments. (Photo: Santiago family)

At just 10 months of age, Kalel Santiago was unfortunately diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, after making it through countless amounts of treatments, including; chemotherapy, radiotherapy and two years of surgery, he made it out the other end fighting.

Just as his parents thought his luck was improving, Kalel was diagnosed with severe autism, which made him unable to speak. His father talked to Yahoo Parenting about their struggle to get him to talk. Putting him into special schools and therapies to try and encourage the words out of him.

They came across a surfing school which encouraged Kalel to get out of his shell, as well as discovering the beneficial uses of cannabis oil at a local fundraising event. They never knew the tiny bottle of liquid would change their lives, and Kalel’s, forever.

After raising money to buy a bottle of the miracle formula, they started feeding it to Kalel, a couple of drops a day, to see if it would work. And it did! Within only two days his parents heard his voice for the first time! His father said “He surprised us in school by saying the vowels, A-E-I-O-U. It was the first time,”.

Then eventually saying how he loves his mom after a few more days! There is no proof that the cannabis oil was the reason for Kalel’s sudden speech, but the correlation seems undeniable.

“He’s been connecting — like he’s awakening to seeing the world,” Abiel says, noting that they have kept up the treatments for just over a month now, and that Kalel continues to make improvements. “He’s looking you in your eyes, he’s been trying to say different things and imitate what we are saying. He’s saying ‘uncle,’ ‘aunt,’ the names of my two kids. It’s something amazing that I cannot explain.” (Regarding the product’s legality, the dad notes, “If we had to go somewhere else to get it, we would. I’d go anywhere.”)

“Like his parents, I am also in shock,” he tells Yahoo Parenting. “I never got him to speak, and it was something that was haunting me. Language was something that was missing.” Martinez, who started his surf-therapy school after being inspired by how surfing helped his brother, who has Down syndrome, said he researched the various uses of CBD oil after Gladys asked him about it for Kalel. He told her it was worth a shot. Now he’s cautiously optimistic about how other children may benefit.

“I’m not going to say let’s give this to every kid, because we have to monitor and study it,” Martinez says. “But I am very impressed with his language development. Imagine a mom who has been waiting almost 9 years to hear her child speak?” Though the use of anything cannabis derived continues to be controversial, he believes it is something worth fighting for, given this kind of a result. “To me,” he says, “the story of Kalel is groundbreaking.” (source: Yahoo)

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