Delivery driver shovels porch for mom of three after learning she lost her husband to cancer

Once in a while, a simple act of righteousness can change somebody’s day for good. In a world that we as a whole helped one another, the stun and pity bad events cause will be definitely lightened.

Life is hard when you lose your beloved, and it gets considerably harder when you need to remain strong for your kids. A delivery driver from Nebraska was very much aware of this when he chose to help a widow by normally cleaning her porch from the snow.

Leigh Anne Skoda had no clue that this FedEx delivery guy continued cleaning her porch with a scoop before her camera got everything. The mother of-three concentrated on going on with her daily life after losing her husband.

However, her town was covered by a heavy snow those days.

She goes on by conveying this amazing story of the delivery guy that heartmealted her with his righteous act:

“My husband passed away after a 7 month battle with cancer at the age of 42. A few months after he passed, I was trying to put air in my tires, but couldn’t get the cap off.

I noticed a FedEx truck nearby and asked him for help. He was more than willing to help me. When he found out my situation, and that we have 3 young children, he offered to help me any way he could.”

Since then, the man started visiting her house, and shoveling off the snow of her porch without her being aware of it.

She also posted this story on her wall on Facebook which went viral, saying:

“Doorbell cameras don’t only catch people stealing packages. Our FedEx guy stopped and out of the kindness of his heart, scooped my sidewalks. I truly feel like we cross paths with people for reasons. Thank you, Brian Scholl, for just being you, and being one of the people who truly ‘get’ our situation!”

Acts of kindness such as of Brian’s, don’t cost people, it enriches and exalts them. Doing good for other is doing good for yourself. You don’t make somebody feel good, without making yourself feel better from the act.

Just be good, spread goodness, share positivity, for you don’t know, maybe you may become the reason for big good changes to happen!

If you were touched by the act of Brian, please don’t forget to share the story paying your respects to him, and encourage people to do good…

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